This lucky photographer took the greatest photos of a crow riding an eagle

A very talented photographer from California took captivating photos. His name is Phoo Chan. His works previously were published in National Geographic many times. This time he took a photo of a beautiful crow on the back of an eagle flying high.

Before him, no one ever has seen or even was able to get a photo of a similar scene.

As Phoo Chan said himself about this, crows overall can be very aggressive animals. They can show such behavior towards some other predators. Especially towards those animals who enter the area that they consider theirs.

Crows despise not-invited guests. Thus they would attack them till those leave.

On the other hand, looking at the stunning series of photos, the crow does not seem aggressive. One might not even think that it is chasing the eagle or attacking it.

Additionally, the eagle itself didn’t seem to mind the feathered companion at all, which invaded the eagle’s personal space.

On top of that, it can be seen how the crow rides the bald bird. As if that’s naturally normal for both creatures.

This was unheard of a scene. It showed that even different species in nature can be friendly with each other.

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