This loyal dog swam about 11 hours and saved his owner life

This happened in Australia. One fisherman suddenly saw the poor dog who was struggling to swim to the shore. The box was also floating on the water next to the dog.
The man helped the animal to reach the shore.

It was obvious that the boat had capsized. And then a rescue team came. The dog was taken to the shore but all this time he wanted to enter the water.

The search lasted some hours and then a man survived.
And it was due to the barks of the dog and eventually his owner survived. It was real magic.

Later, the man said that it happened because of the loss of control of the boat.
As a result they were thrown to the water but in different directions.

What’s surprising was that the animal stood on the water for a long time and tried to help his owner. Such a loyal dog.
The man thought that everything was good with the dog. But then the rescue team reported that the devoted dog swam about 11 hours to help his owner.

If you have a dog you are lucky enough. They are our lifelong creatures.

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