This loyal dog is waiting for her owner every day to return from work

Sadie Kate met the animal at the coal and then decided to adopt her.
There are chances to meet new friends at your workplace, but it’s rare to have friends like animals.

Sara’s husband started to visit the area to earn money and then suddenly he met a dog who was alone.
‘Someone left her there’ said Sara.

So, after some time, Sara’s husband decided to adopt the puppy. They called her Sadie Kate.
Now, they will wait for the man not at the coal mine but their own house. She was waiting for him to come every day.

Sara often posts pictures on social media and people saw Sadie who was sitting and waiting for him to come home. It was a sign of its loyalty.

So, when she saw the truck approaching home she ran to greet the man. And she does this each day.
It was amazing to have such a loyal friend.

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