This lovely panda cub wants to cuddle its owner

Pandas are amazing creatures. They climb trees, swim, walk in the forest, and are always in a great mood.

Scientists found out that their body never becomes subject to stress.
Pandas are considered to be lazy and clumsy creatures. But this is not the case.

When they are in danger they could run quickly and even slide head over heels.
Their claws are their weapon.

Pandas are also considered to be peaceful creatures but you should never tease them.
Think about how many hours they spend at the dinner table in one day.

The answer is about 12 hours.
Also, they are the main jewel of China. Here, they are under high protection.

Here, you can see that the animal wants to hug its owner but he is busy with work. But the animal did not lose hope.

These animals also get along with humans very well. Here, you can also see some funniest photos of them. Enjoy!

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