This little girl gave them food and the birds brought her pendants in return

This little kid likes collecting things.
But she did not collect them for herself.

Surprisingly, she made friends with birds. And these birds often brought gifts for her.
Everything started accidentally.

Gaby was just walking when food fell from her hands.
The birds saw this and they approached the food when the girl left. They all gathered to eat the food.

After this, the kind girl shared her lunch with them.
So, the crows gathered all together every morning to get the food.

And then she decided to do something for them.
She created a place in her house and filled it with food. And then gifts appeared there.

It was a gift from the birds who wanted to show their gratitude to the girl.
Gaby gathered all the presents given by the birds happily.
The girl was sure that the birds wanted to show how much they loved her.

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