This little boy was considered to be the smartest child at the age of 2

Wrigley amazed everyone with his intelligence. His IQ was over 160 at such an age. So, he could be compared to Einstein.

If you suggest the boy walk with friends or reach for a book he would rather choose the second one.

His vocabulary amazed everyone. When he was 9 months old he started to produce not only words but also phrases.

At the age of 2, he could already talk about the serious things that are happening on the planet.
Parents are proud of their son.

Every parent finds their children special but Oscar is special to everyone. He is just an extraordinary child.

The boy continued discovering everything surrounding him.
There is a special organization and Oscar Wrigley is part of them.

There are many smart kids in this organization. Oscar is awarded as the smartest kid at the age of 2.

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