This kind veteran is looking forward to seeing his old close comrade with whom he served a long time ago

In this heartbreaking scene, the soldier reunites with a trusted former comrade with whom he served in Afghanistan. The touching reunion was only possible thanks to a caring flight attendant, and the entire scene was captured on camera.

The good dog used to accompany the brave soldier to Afghanistan. And, as one might anticipate, these two became extremely connected to one another and began to develop a very special bond.

The animal has always been dependable and willing to go to any length to keep the soldier safe. As a result, the man wished to express his inexhaustible thanks to him for his unwavering loyalty.

Just like every other military canine. The cute animal was supposed to be withdrawn from service and adopted. Because they were so nice and close, the dog couldn’t fathom having a finer owner than him.

And it was thanks to Molli Oliver, a flight attendant, who used to return the dogs to those who looked after them, that the long-awaited reunion was possible.

Molli is in charge of not only the flight routes and destinations but also the costs. Her generosity leaves everyone dumbfounded, and it was owing to her that the retired soldier was able to reconnect with an old trusted colleague.

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