This kind of dog defends the crying baby every time she is told off by her mom

It’s not a secret that dogs always protect their owners. And even there are cases when they put their lives at risk. But this story is about a dog whose owner was about 2 years old.

The dog was the best friend of this baby girl. Every time You-You makes her parents angry, Harry hurries to protect her.

Once, the baby spoiled her mother’s facial cream. The mother becomes angry.
She started to scream at the girl and Harry came to protect her.

She barked at the mother and hugged You-You to protect her.
This moment was filmed and shared on social media.

The dog was barking at the woman and did not understand what she wanted from the girl.
The animal was ready to give his life for the girl.

This protective dog is the best friend of the girl. You-You will always appreciate her dog.

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