This kind boy who has a cleft lip found the perfect dog with the same condition as him

How much is the possibility to meet someone with the same health condition as you in real life? Not very possible. However, for this boy, a magical thing happened.

Bentley Boyers just turned two years old. Since birth, he had a palate and a cleft lip. One day the kid’s mom and dad took him to the local animal shelter where something surprising happened. In the shelter, Bentley found a puppy with a similar health condition as him.

This took the young boy in instant surprise. He happily started playing and patting the dog. He was immensely happy about his new friend and thought that they were born for one another. Hence, the couple will soon take the puppy home with them.

Cleft lips are just deformation on the face that can happen during the pregnancy period. Previously, Bentley was operated on and is now used to living with his uniqueness. Even though the small dog didn’t experience surgery because of its cleft lips, the veterinarians are sure its condition will not have any effect on the puppy’s life.

In some cases, cleft lips can be harmful to animals. However, some creatures are stronger. Hence, they can cope with certain conditions better than, for example, people can.

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