This kangaroo is a “couch potato”

The quiet time of sitting on the couch and watching television programs is something we all enjoy from time to time. However, once it becomes a habit and the day is spent just doing that, it’s not good. This is how the spoiled kangaroo spends most of his time.

When the kangaroo was rescued and taken to the animal shelter for kangaroos it was only eight months old. Thanks to the continuous love and care by the sanctuary workers the baby quickly got better. The owners of the center got so attached to him that made a decision to adopt the kangaroo. Soon after he became feeling very privileged and got comfortable in his new home. He started acting as if he own everything there.

The only thing the kangaroo desired was laying on the couch and watching television programs. He attentively was watching even the world news.

According to the owners, when the kangaroo at first got comfortable on the couch, they found the scene very interesting and adorable. However, as days passed by the couple understood that they no more have a chance to sit on the couch. Nevertheless, they were quite happy because the animal’s comfort was very important for them.

The couple tells that for them the most important thing is that the Kangaroo feels safe and is completely relaxed at home. Though they admit sometimes it does surprise with his actions. The kangaroo would sometimes push his caretakers off the couch if one of them would want to relax on it as well.

The couple is truly an amazing and kind one and their actions prove how faithful they are towards the animals they want to protect. They showed the will to save and protect not only kangaroos but also wallaroos and wombats as well.

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