This is the most amazing garden in the world where trees and bushed turned into cats

All these pictures are the works of one the artists named Richard Sanders.
This is the person who created masterpieces. Richard is a talented painter. He made various figures of cats from trees.

And his works are famous not only in England but also in other countries.
When he saw trees in the pictures, he devised a great idea. It was to create cats from trees.

And after some trials, he felt that it became a hobby for him.
All his works differ from each other. And he was also inspired by his lovely cat called Tolla.

His cat died recently but he will always stay in his memory.
Richard also created a page for the cat and still maintains it.

Many people could not believe that it was just a photo.
‘I took photos of gardens and placed big bushes similar to a cat on them, ’ he said.
Yes, this is a picture but indeed many people would like to have such pictures in their homes.

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