This is an unbelievable friendship between a woman and a bear

Bears love fishing. They enjoy it and also eat the caught fish. But to share a boat with a woman and go fishing is something unbelievable.

See Veronika and her friend named Archie who enjoy spending their free time fishing.
It’s already been 2 years since this couple became friends. Archie is a saved bear.

The bear was living in the wild when Veronika decided to look after it. And she never regrets doing this.

This is the most amazing friendship that exists in the world. The woman is happy to give the animal some freedom.

Recently, they were captured on the boat. You can also see the pictures of them. It was like a fairytale. The bear loves water. He also enjoys seeing new places with his owner.


Surprisingly, Veronika never treats him as an animal. She considered him her best friend. Also, she shares her food with the bear. Amazing friendship.

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