This hero jumped into the water to save the little dog from drowning

This animal-lover endangered his life to save the poor dog. The dog was fighting for her life but she could not survive without help. Then, a man noticed the animal and jumped into the water without hesitation. He saved the dog.

These pictures captured the amazing moment and they showed how kind and brave the person could be to endanger his life for the animal.
Son Chatten was walking on the street with his friends.

There was a woman who could not find her dog and asked for help from everyone.
Don, hurried to help the poor creature. He saw the puppy on the water. The dog was battling for her life.

He understood that it would be late if they waited for the help to arrive. So, he started to act. Don finally manages to reach the dog and pull it from the water.
So, thanks to this man the dog was saved. The woman was grateful to the man.

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