This hero dog saved the baby from drowning

The mother was in the garage and was doing something and thought that her son was behind her. But she did not hear her voice and went to see where he was.

So, she saw that her son had fallen into the swimming pool.
But the dog was near him. He tried to help the boy get out of the water.

Patrica put the boy out and wanted to call 911. But she could not find her phone so she sat in her car and rushed to the nearest department.

The boy was sent to the hospital and should stay there for a day. Fortunately, he was doing well and soon could return home.

Patrica was thankful to the dog who saved her son’s life. They had a special bond and the dog was always with him. And this time he even saved his life.

I always considered him as my baby, Patrica said, Patrica. And now I am even more thankful to him for his act.

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