This heartless woman threw the dog on the street

One video appeared on social media and the hero was a disabled pet, who was left alone on the street. Also, this animal was thrown on the street one day.

And then, fortunately, she was picked by a stranger. But the woman decided to get rid of it on the same day.

Soon, the unlucky creature was shifted to the charity organization. Here, she was named Tintin. Her story spread on social media and many people suggested adopting the baby.

But the staff was very careful while choosing the owners.
They met so many people who wanted to adopt her and finally made a decision.

Tintin now would have a loving family.
From now on, he will be happy. Her family adores her and her disability did not bother them.

Now she has her own house.
But the woman who acted like this will soon be punished.

Animals do not deserve such an attitude. And everyone should know about it.

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