This golden retriever is the greatest big brother to this baby

When a baby was born in Parks’ family, the couple was a bit nervous about how their dog named Hinckley will accept the new member of the family.

Luckily, the golden retriever started always to approach the baby with love and carefulness.

As the young mom later told, when they first brought the baby home, Hinckley thought of him as a new interesting toy that he can play with. Regardless, after some time passed the dog quickly adapted to the child and started to follow the baby everywhere.

The dog would be always near the baby and be very protective of him.

As the couple remembers, on the first few days when the baby Theodore was sleeping in his crib, Hinckley was watching his every move with anticipation. Soon the dog realized Theodore was far from being his toy.

The mom is very glad about how the connection of her dog and the son turned out to be this calm and friendly.

She also said that her heart gets weak when she watched how the two spend time together. In her words, Hinckley is acting and taking care of the baby like an older brother.

In the mom’s words, the dog is still not sure who the baby is but he knows well that he is very special, needs a lot of care and love.

Whenever the couple posts a photo of the baby with Hinckley, the comment section is always filled with lovely replies. Those are mostly about how the friendship between the two is a lifelong bond.

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