This girl helped the tiny kitten to become healthy and due to her efforts the cat turned into a beautiful one

In most cases, premature cats had bad endings. They rarely survive as they are too weak.
It’s hard for such babies even to hold their heads on their own and often they grow slower than otehrs.


Once, Facebook posted about a cat who was abandoned by its mother. The poor animal needed care and love. This girl called Debbie Timmis decided to take responsibility and help the poor baby.

She knew that it had low chances but decided to do her best to help him.
The baby was about 60 grams. The doctors warned the girl that she would not survive but what happened amazed them.

The baby’s breathing slowed down and the girl gave a heart massage. It seemed, he came back to life. After this, the girl started to feed the baby every 2 hours.

The girl called him Freya. Freya turned out to be an amazing creature, he enjoyed exploring everything that surrounded him.

Freya was the name of the goddess of beauty and the girl chose this name for a reason. Now the baby lives happily with his owner. They are both happy.

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