This girl did not comb her hair and now the hairdresser made great efforts to save it

We don’t know what happened to this girl but she was so depressed that she did not even have the power to comb her hair.

The 16 years old girl came to the hairdresser and asked to shave her hair. She thought it could not be saved anymore.

She had to take a photo for the new school year and she did not have any other option besides shaving her hair.

But the hairdresser named Kylie Olsson knew what to do.
The girl told the hairdresser that she was depressed and did not even leave her room.

Kylie shared the story on social media and it went viral.
The woman was touched by the story and decided to help her.

‘It was hard for me. The girl cried all the time and I did not know how to make her calm,’ she said.
Parents should be very careful. If children are depressed you should not push them to do something.

And this story was a result of such a thing when the child was so depressed that did not even want to comb her hair.

It’s hard to deal with teenagers, but you should be careful because your wrong act could harm them even worse than the whole situation.

The hairdresser worked about 13 hours and finally, her efforts paid off. The girl was shocked and she smiled again.

The hairdresser was so happy as she could help her in some way.

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