This friendship proved that strong connection could exist between different animal species

We often hear many stories about friendship among animals. Many people could not believe that friendship could exist among different species but sometimes they get along with each other very well.

This story is about 3 species. The group of pony, horse, and dog seems odd but they are united.
And this friendship motivates many people.

They enjoy spending their time together and most probably they love running and playing together.
Greetje Arends-Hakvoort is a horse trainer and looks after them properly.

Her daughter also joins in their training.
But besides this, they go on adventures. And the animals are the best teams for their adventures.

Greetje always dreamt about a Dalmatian dog and always loved black horses. And her dream came true. Now she is looking after the animals in the best way.

Now the woman is training with 3 other horses and hopes that soon their team will be extended.

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