This friendship is between a man from Indonesian and a tigress

This friendship connects a man and the wild animal called Mulan
Everything started 6 years ago.

The owner of the animal asked a guy called Abdullah to look after her. And starting from that moment they became inseparable.

The animal is weighing 180 kilograms and is very large as usually these species are 140 kilograms.
Mulan used to eat two times a day.

Sholey often spends nights sleeping with the animal.
Mulan is not aggressive, says Abdullah.

But he had some marks on his body which speak about their friendship.
But the predator did it unintentionally.

Their friendship was special and got popularity on social media.
Let’s hope that everything will be good with this couple. Anyway, the man should be careful as the predator is unpredictable and could harm him unexpectedly.

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