This dying dog was completely changed after feeling love

In November, a police officer got a call about a dog who was dying in the dirt.
When they came they found the animal in an awful condition.

‘The dog was almost dead. So they took her immediately to the animal rescue center and the doctors started the treatment.
The animal was not moving and doctors did not hope that she would stay alive.

But one of the doctors made a magic trick. And she stayed alive. This doctor also warmed and washed her. The vet also used a hair dryer to raise its temperature as it was too low.

‘I also told the dog that she was loved,’ said Mancera.
She named the animal Sophie and decided to adopt the animal.

The animal was completely recovered and she adopted this poor creature.
‘He will never stay hungry and feel cold any longer ’ said the doctors. I will do everything for him, she continued.

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