This domestic fox eats from a trat and always go for walks with her owner

Everyone knows what kind of pets they should keep at home in city conditions. Dogs, parrots and cats are among the lost. But Alexei had a fox at home.
They are used to living in forests.

Alexei is from Belarus. When he came to Grondo he decided to stay in the city.
Here, he had a chance to adopt an animal. So, he adopted a fox.

The pet loves meat. But usually they eat beef and chicken.
The fox also knew how to eat from a tray. She was taught this by a cat who lives with them. Nicole enjoys walks during the night.

So, Alexei walks with her during that time. But the chain is a must for the fox.
He is a vulnerable animal. And it was not a surprise for the owner to see tears in his eyes.

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