This dog was living near the empty pan

The passerby noticed that this person was keeping her pet next to the pan. Moreover, the animal was left without food and care. So, he understood that he should help this poor creature. And he contacted the animal rescue center.

The rescue team was willing to help her and came to the place where the dog was.
Everything was worse than they expected to see. The dog was tied to the tree near the empty pan.

The chain was short and the dog could not even walk. Her coat was also dirty.
But at the same time, the dog was sociable and seemed happy because she was now finally under someone’s attention.

And this happened for the first time in her life.
So, they fed the dog and talked with the owner about taking the animal. And the owner agreed to give the dog.

So, when they took the animal they cleaned her and she started to look different.
Now she is clean and would find kind owners to adopt her.

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