This dog refused to let the man go until he took him home

The saying that pets find their owners and not vice versa seems to be proven once again through today’s story.

The exceptional story shows how a rescued dog didn’t let a man go until he was taken home by him.

A reporter that wanted to make a story for a show went to visit an animals shelter. While the operator turned on the camera and the reporter was reading the text, a dog surprisingly ran to him and grasps tightly the journalist’s leg.

Surely surprised by the dog’s action, the man didn’t push the adorable animal that seems to not want to let go of his leg.

The dog was previously taken from the streets in very bad condition and was helped at the shelter to be able to stand on his own. He was in need of an owner and it seems like he ended up choosing the new owner himself.

The journalist seems to have been impressed by the dog’s action. He found a unique connection between himself and the dog at the point he couldn’t let go of the lovely animal; so he chose to take the dog home and make it part of the family.

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