This dog is a fan of flowers and smells every flower he sees

People know that dogs have a good sense of smell.
This dog is also a fan of sniffing flowers.

The owner of the animal named tells that the dog loves flowers even when he was a puppy.
He enjoyed going to her father’s garden.

The animal did not harm them but sat and sniffed.
When he sees flowers on the table he jumps and sniffs them.

He even has an interest in artificial flowers.
But he loves his family even more than flowers.

He chases his mom and enjoys sleeping with her father on the same bed.
Sarah takes him when she goes shopping and the dog never lose the chance of sniffing the flowers.

His favorite ones are pansies.
Finn never thought about tasting them. He loves and protects them.
Dogs’ sense of smell is many times better than that of people and we can only guess what scents the flowers gave them.

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