This dog became the oldest one on the planet

The dog named Pebbles at the age of 22 became the oldest creature on the planet.
In human years it is about 154 years. All her life she lived with her kind owner called Julie Gregory and Bobby.

She is in good health and still enjoys playing with other pets.
Julie Gregory wanted to have a big dog but when her husband noticed Pebbles he fell in love with her.



She charmed them with her appearance and the family adopted her the same day.
It was love from the first moment, said Julie.


Pebbles felt very comfortable in her new house and was already used to all family members.
She loves listening to music. She also had favorite artists.

The family is happy to adopt this dog and they hope that she will live long.
They did not imagine their life without their pet.
Pebbles was with the family during the most difficult period of their life. And she shared everything with them. The owners adore him so much.

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