This disabled dog and cat could not do anything without each other, they are best friends

The tragedy made these two united. They both have some problems. But their disabilities did not prevent them from enjoying their life.
They are cats and dogs but the best friends on the planet. They do everything together.

Scooter had an accident and suffered from a spinal injury. Now he could only move with a cart.
Falco lived his best life before being taken.

The couple aimed to take care of the baby the way they could. But no one wanted to take this dog. So, the couple decided to keep him forever.
So, Falco and Scotter survived due to the kind people who were big animal lovers.

They were going well together. And Falco could move due to the help of Scooter. They both loved cuddling and playing together.
They could enjoy every moment of their life and their condition did not prevent them. They are best friends, the owner said.


It’s nice that they found each other.
This woman from Bolivia always saved animals in need.
‘These animals find them on their own. I could never leave them alone’ said Rose Mary, the savior of these both.

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