This crazy woman eat only fruits for seven years and didn’t brush her teeth

This woman named Tina Stoklosa has eaten fruits for seven years. She was dissatisfied with her body and decided to do so.

But she gradually developed anorexia. And now she had to go to the doctors and underwent an examination. But nothing helped her.

And she also developed bulimia and started to gain weight.
So she now should change her diet and she decided to eat food that is not cooked.

Soon she shifted to fruitarianism.
When she turned 40 years old she moved to Bali from Poland.

And here, it was even easier to eat only fruits.
In the country, she met her man. They share the same nutrition and interests.

Later, they had children.
This couple ate only fruit and did not brush their teeth. And they convince many people to do the same.

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