This couple lost their lovely cat and went to the shelter to choose another one

Many people think that animals do not understand anything.
This couple, unfortunately, lost their lovely cat. After some months they adopted a new cat.

When the couple entered the shelter, a cute white cat ran toward them and climbed to the neck of her boyfriend.
The couple loved the animal from the very first moment. Their hearts melted.

Stephanie also managed to capture these memorable moments on her phone.
They called the cat Oliver. It was their dead pet’s name. But this new cat had some health problems. And they knew about this at the shelter. But even that did not ban them from adopting the cat.

The cat needed special care and attention. In the first days, the cat did not leave the family even for a minute and was scared of everything. To make the cat calm the couple took the day off to be more careful with it.

Interestingly, another cat also lives in the same home but they did not get along at first. Then, everything changed and they became best friends.

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