This chained dog wanted to be free and the charity helped her to escape from it

Bella had gone through a real nightmare. She was chained and the ties were so tight that she could not free herself. And after being rescued she had a long recovery process to go.

One of the residents of Michigan made a sad discovery. He found a dog abandoned and tied, who was left without food and water.
So, he immediately called the emergency service. The dog was intentionally tied and she could not even move.

The tie harmed her so much that now she had some serious problems. She would soon lose her other limb if the help would delay.
The dog called Bella was taken to the hospital. The doctors manage to save her 3 paws.

Now they do everything so that she can move and recover from the trauma.
She would stay there until she would be adopted by someone.
And the person who acted toward her in this way would soon be sent to prison.

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