This cat won’t leave the firefighter as he is the one who saved him

If someone persists that an ideal friendship doesn’t exist, show them this story!

Ryan Coleman, whose job is being the engine captain at a fire department in state California, posted this adorable video on his Facebook page not long ago. In the video, there is a cat “glued” to his body.

As it turned out, Ryan saved this cat when the Paradise forest was caught in the fire. After the accident, the cat never leaves the man. It always clings closely to him and never lets him go even when he is doing his job.

In the caption of his Facebook post, he wrote that he is saving the kitten. While it is cramped on man’s body.

People under the post suggested Ryan keep it and take it home. In the video, both of them looked very glad to be that close in a hug with one another. Someone commented that if the cat doesn’t have any owner he should adopt it.

In his Facebook page, Ryan also wrote about how his heart hurts for more than two thousand families that either lost their beloved ones or their house in the fire.

Few scrolls in Ryan’s feed will show that he is an animal lover. The captain has many pictures of him with animals that include dogs and even small goats. The pictures are very lovely to look at.

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