This cat will won your interest with its coat and green eyes

There are so many various cats. These soft creatures have the cutest look.
For instance, many species have different eye and fur colors.

But this cat has so many features. Theis amazing cat called Thor won many people’s hearts. This cutie had an amazing and charming look.

She seemed to be a mix of a cat and a tiger. And the reason for looking so was the crosses on her fur.
The amazing Bengal animal also has green eyes.

And with her eyes, it seems that she looks directly into your soul. And it would be difficult for you to keep your eyes off the animal.
She has kind owners who always post her pictures on social media.

Surprisingly, this amazing cat has about 223k followers on her social media.
She is special but her behavior is the same as the others. She is joyful and friendly.

She enjoys taking walks for a long time.
It’s nice that she enjoys her life the way she could.

Her caring owners did everything for her and allowed her to have whatever she wanted.
This amazing cat deserves the best.

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