This cat should not live in this house as children are scared of her

The woman took the cat to the shelter as she did not want to keep it any longer. To justify her act the woman said that the animal was very ugly and the children were scared of her appearance.

The animal had an eye infection. But no one knows what caused it.
Also, it was unknown how she could scare people that much.

The woman said that the disease appeared suddenly and spread quickly.
The woman was very angry as the shelter staff could not understand why she gave up the cat.

But she was sure that they would be happy as she preferred taking the animal to the shelter rather than putting it to sleep.

After that, the cat named Candy started to live at the shelter. The baby is affectionate and joyful.

She wants to be with people.
The animal was beautiful but it was unseen behind her eyes. Most probably the infection also affected her vision.
But they are sure that soon she will find caring owners who will love her so much.

She was everyone’s favorite creature at the shelter.
So, it remained unknown why the woman acted like this with this poor creature.

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