This cat became the deaf soldier’s ears and helped him to navigate at the sea

When the cat turned 4 months old, the owner named Paul Thomson took him on a sea voyage in New Zealand.
And the cat became a good companion for the men.

And there is one thing in which the cat helped him a lot.
The man was deaf and the animal helped him navigate at the sea.

‘He became my ears’ he said.
So, the cat immediately understood that he could not hear anything and helped him.

‘I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes, ‘ he continued.
The man was sure that if this story would be shared on social media, many sailors would like to take cats when sailing.

And that would be helpful for both the cats and the sailors.
But you should always remember that you should not force the cat to do anything if it does not want to.

The cat should feel comfortable and it would start to help you.
Everything should be as they like.
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