This cat became popular due to one picture that was spread on social media

This couple once found a cat at a gas station 2 years ago. At first, they decided to take it to a shelter but then they loved him so much that they decided to keep the cat forever.

They named him Carrot. The cat is very friendly and affectionate.
He also has a personal account on Instagram. He had about 8000 followers.

And recently he became popular thanks to one picture that appeared on social media.
The photo shows a refrigerator with a note ‘Check his paw before closing it’.

The picture spread on Reddit and became famous. Many people also commented that they had the same problem. So, many people have pets who always want to steal something from there.

This couple said that the cat thought it was a game. And every time someone opened the refrigerator the cat tried to enter.

Andrew confesses that his wife is very connected to Carrot. And the photo is real. So, they managed to capture that amazing moment which later made the cat an Internet star.

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