This boy had to do his assignments under a street lamp and many people noticed it

Something unbelievable happened in Peru.
The hero of the story was a boy. One wealthy man helped change his life for the better.

And this story ended happily.
The boy named Victor Martin Angulo is from a poor family.

The condition of their home is so minimal that they even did not have electricity.
But he found a solution for this.

He started reading books under the streetlamp. And once passers-by noticed and captured the moment. The video was spread on social media.

One Millionaire became interested in this. He started to get information about the man and helped him.

So, for this, he came to Peru and met with the boy and his mom. He not only paid for the electricity but also for the construction of the 2nd floor.

Now, the boy not only has electricity in their home but also a separate room.
Moreover, the man helped the mother to set up a business. But this is not the end.

He also renovated the school where the boy is visiting. So, everyone was thankful to him.

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