This blind and deaf dog trusted her brother to live a life

There is sadness hidden under this happiness. Denver and Star live in a shelter. They have faced too many difficulties since birth. Star is deaf and blind.

But thankfully, her mother is the most caring and attentive in the world. He always helps Star and never leaves her alone.

These babies were thrown away on the road.
They survived but animal centers did not want to take them.

So, they shifted far away and were adopted in one of San Diego’s shelters.
So, they stayed there as no one wanted to take them. Denver is her sister’s protector.

They are so strongly attached that no one could separate them. So, as for this, it’s even hard to find a family for them.

Despite all of these, the babies are happy together. They do everything together. Denver checks everything for his sister and then lets her in.

What could she do without her brother? Let’s hope that soon they can find a family. They deserved it.

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