This beautiful dog came to the shelter and asked for love and attention

One usual day, the shelter workers heard some loud noises. The huge dog came to the shelter and tried to break something.

They all went out to see what was and they were all surprised. A huge and beautiful dog was standing in front of them.

It was a Husky called Tarhun. No one could understand how he appeared there.
They wanted to find the owners as they thought that the dog was lost.

But they could not find anyone. The dog was a well-balanced creature.
It was obvious that the dog was used to freedom and always had a lot of space to move, but he gradually became used to being at home.

So, they decided to search for new owners for the dog. Many would like to have such a cute dog but it was hard to keep a husky, so not everyone is ready for that.

That staff was very careful when looking home for the animal.
Soon, a family was found and he shifted to the big house.

Now, he had his territory of playing.
Look at him, he is a joyful and active creature.

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