This beautiful cat did not have original paws and the kind girl made him the happiest

People should not fear because of the disabilities that pets have. Even being in such conditions they always love and care for us.
Many people do not have so much time to spend with disabled animals and they want to have only healthy pets.

So, how to deal with such animals? How to leave them alone in such a condition?
Some time ago, a girl visited a shelter where animals wait for their owners.

Here, the woman noticed a cat who was there because of an extra paw.
This was a defect and because of it he had extra fingers on the paws.

The cat had extra toes. And due to this, he could climb to all corners.
Olivia says that many people like this beauty and others want to know him to talk with the pet.

The woman was not disappointed by his disability and considers him the best in the world.
And due to Olivia, Marshal is now the luckiest pet on the planet.

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