This American boy sent a Christmas box to the girl which changes her whole life

Do you believe in fate?
Many people do not believe in such things and claim that we create our lives.

But sometimes things happen that are called miracles.
The American boy sent a gift to the girl and 14 years later they got married.

He sent toys and his photograph to the stranger. It was a charitable present.
The girl named Joannie was so happy about this. She sent a thank-you letter in response.

But the girl never forgot about the case even at an older age. She later found the boy on the internet. She sent him a friend request but did not receive a response for some time.

But after some time Tyrel accepted the request without knowing who the girl was.
So, they started to talk.

They gradually became best friends and so they realized that they are even closer than ordinary friends.

So, they got married 14 years later.
They believe that God brought them together.

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