This amazing couple celebrated their 79th anniversary

This year one beautiful couple celebrated their 79th anniversary and now they both are 100 years old.
They were born in the same town but did not meet each other till they moved to Ohio.

They went there to find work.
Their first meeting was in the church and they soon became best friends.

But after some time their friendship turns into love and soon they get married. During their marriage, they also spent 2 years being separated because of the war. The couple has 3 children.

And now they celebrate their anniversary and turned 100 years old.
Hubert confesses that they never had any fight.

They always understood each other well and went through many difficulties. They never give up and fight till the end.
‘We did everything not to hurt each other they said’.

After being together for this much they still prefer spending most of their time together. They do everything together and are the happiest couple ever.

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