This adorable kid tells her cat bedtime stories to make the animal sleep easier

Once the photo of the four-year-old girl with her kitten appeared on social media it was adored by everyone.

In the picture, the tiny girl is holding her book of bedtime tales and shows it to her pet. People can’t get enough of these two friends’ interactions. The cute pair instantly caught everyone’s attention in a very short period. Their bond is viewed as cute and heart-warming.

According to the parents, the kitten and the kid got used to each other very fast and are now very close with one another. The girl took the responsibility of taking care of the kitten since the day it was born. She is like an old sister who continuously takes care of the animal. She cuddles the cat a lot, feeds her snacks, and plays with it a lot.

Now the pair have a very unusual daily routine. As the parents tell, the tiny girl always sings for the kitten and tells it some bedtime stories. She indeed acts like a big sister.

The parents are also surprised about the cat’s reactions. The animal listens closely and pretends to understand what the girl reads. Luckily, the girl’s mom caught the moment on tape which later gained a lot of views on the internet. She couldn’t even imagine that it will get so many people interested.

It is seen in the video how sweet they cuddle with each other while the adorable girl reads the stories. Moreover, the cat indeed listens to her and seems like feels protected and appreciated in her arms.

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