This adopted dog is thankful to have the food bowl and always sleeps with it

It’s a blessing to have a dog. But sometimes these poor animals meet cruel owners. Many people do not know how to act with them.

This story is about a stray dog who could not separate from its food bowl. The puppy always sleeps with it.

Susanne adopted him when Neville was ten years old. It was clear that the animal was abused.
When the woman saw the dog she felt that she should adopt him.

The dog was fighting for food as he did not know that he had a separate bowl. And it was because he never felt cared for.

But after some time he understood that he had a separate bowl and stopped fighting with others. Moreover, he saw that his bowl was always full and he would never feel hungry again.

He even started to sleep cuddling with it.
Years passed but his habit did not give up.

This dog is thankful for everything. He is happy with the food he gets every day.

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