This abandoned poor dog was finally found on the street when he was crying and asking for food

The 8 years old dog named Ray was found on the street when he was crying for help. He had crusted and sad eyes. He did not even have fur because of hunger.

The dog was left alone by his family as the owners decided to get rid of him. The dog was sick and already old and that made them make such a decision. They did not even imagine that the dog had to deal with such suffering.

The workers of the animal rescue center rescued the baby. And due to the center activities, the animal started to recover but was still depressed. He needed much more time to overcome his depression after suffering that much.

He was soon adopted.
Although the dog had gone through many difficulties, he still greets everyone with great enthusiasm and love.

Many people pray for his health and he deserved the same love that he gave people.

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