This 7 year old girl is considered to be the world’s strongest girl at such an age

Many children are special and differ from others in their abilities.
The girl named Rory was 7 years old and managed to lift an 80-kilogram barbell.

It was 3 times more than her weight.
Not every man could light such a weight.

She participated in the USA championship and proved her level. And she is already a champion.
Now she is a real star. She also runs a blog and already has thousands of followers on social media.

She liked tattoos and she did it temporarily but most probably she will get real tattoos in near future.

Her hero is her dad. Cavan wants her daughter to be a worthy winner.
But she finds her safety more important than any rewards.

He says that the girl is the strongest one in the world.

Rory trains every day but she does not have any sporting plans. And she does not want to be an Olympic weightlifter.

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