Thirty years of strong friendship or maybe still love?

Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko is now giving charity concerts around the world.
Now the musician and his team are in Moldova. As always, next to Andrei is his stage “mother” – Inna Bilokon.

Andrei and Inna have known each other since the 90s when Andrei played a conductor, and then various fortune-tellers, and he became popular. All the difficulties on the stellar path were shared with him by Inna Belokon, who played Serduchka’s mother and still appears with him in this way.

Inna recalls that when they met Andrei was only 16 years old, and he failed at entering a music school, so he went to study at a trade and culinary vocational school, and she was already 21 at that time, they crossed paths in amateur performance classes. The friendship between them began almost immediately, although Andrei was a rather closed person, despite this they became best friends.

Despite their long friendship, they are never bored together.
Their friendship went through many trials, the press of many races attributed an affair to friends, and wrote about Inna’s possible divorce from her husband.

But Andrey and Inna have very warm, friendly, almost family relations.
Andrei says that Inna, who is 6 years older than him, treats him with great care and concern. And what kind of romantic relationship is out of the question?

Danilko said that he used to dream of creating a family and children, but, unfortunately, this did not work out. He understands that all his popularity and earned fortune can never replace his family’s happiness, warmth, and comfort. But over time, he got used to loneliness.
Loneliness has become for him that normal and familiar state in which Andrei Danilko feels comfortable.

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