They saved the cat but it turned out to be a different animal

Many people in Belgium are always ready to protect animals. There is a Cat Shelter, but this shelter is only interested in saving cats.

The center recently got a call from people who found a little black cat in the street. The man could not take the cat home but he wanted to help the homeless creature.

The girl called Martina Vos is working at the Cat shelter. And she came to take the animal. And no one could imagine that it was not a cat.

The girl asked the man who found the cat where he found it. She looked in the area and hoped that she would find the mother. But she could not. Most probably it was an orphan.

So, the girl took the baby and understood that something was wrong with it.
The animal was too large to be a cat. So, she started to examine him closely.

His face did not look like a cat’s face.
So, she took it to the vet and hoped that soon the doctors would find out what it was.

But even the experienced doctors could not understand it.
But they were sure it was a female.

The girl took the animal to the wildlife center to get the answer to her question.
Finally, the experts found it was a baby fox.

The girl dreamed about meeting a fox all her life. And now she was holding it in her arms.
The animal was sent to a British shelter.

It will stay there till she is released into the wild.
So, this «kitten» was saved due to the kind people.

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