They became best friends after the man found the animal in his boat

The puppy befriended his savior. Once the man decided to clean his boat. And he found a little puppy. A woman named Louise Scofield said that her husband found a little puppy when he cleaned his boat. So, the man decided to take the animal home.

The cat was one of the colonies of wild animals who were born in their city.
This man is a cat lover and likes feeding them. And one of the animals was found in the driveway; he was dead.

And no one knows where the mother was. And everything happened before the man found the baby in his boat.
And the man understood if they did not help the poor animal he would die. So, he brought the baby to his home.

The family fed and warmed the baby.
The woman said that they were very careful with the puppy. And they kept it like their child.

They did everything necessary for the baby to help it survive.
The name of the animal was Whisker and it lived with them. The family also had 3 cats.

Whistler was very little when he was found. After some time he became an active puppy. And he always showed love to the family.

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