These photos show the poor deer playing with a horse

The horses from Harlow, Essec were taken out to graze each day. And an orphaned deer always came to see them. The deer often plays with one of the horses and foal and considers them as a family.

They also accept the deer as their friend.
In addition to this, another horse also loves the deer.

Chinara Dzhumanalieva took amazing photos of the animals who are best friends.
And he says that the horse often hugs the deer and takes care of him.

No one knows what happened with his mother but the deer is alone. So, it seemed that the horses adopted the deer.
So, the deer comes to the forest every day and plays with his friends.

‘One day a dog suddenly started to bark and the deer was afraid. He immediately jumped to the horse and the horse protected him with its body’ tells the woman.

It seemed that they protected their friend from danger and the deer felt safe next to them.
This was an amazing friendship. If you could not believe it you can look at the photos.
And whoever saw the pictures will accept the fact.

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