These lucky people met with Migaloo

People are part of nature and we cannot live without it. So we should accept it as it was but sometimes it amazes us.

This time, nature noticed a shale with white color. The name of which was Migaloo and it is rare because of its color.

This white mammal is the only one on the planet. Imagine how lucky people are to meet it.
Many people managed to capture the mammal while sailing a boat. It was rare to see Migaloo.

The previous time he was noticed was in 1991. And after that, it gained a legendary reputation.
Now the mammal has turned 31 years old. Scientists claim that they live up to 80 years.

Migallo got its name after ‘white man.’ But still many people think the reason for the name is its color.

You cannot see this legendary animal every day. So, let’s be careful and maybe one day we can also meet with it.

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